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  Mon. May 29, 7:00 p.m. Finissage 
  7:00 p.m.: Kino Arsenal 1
Nostalgia Hollis Frampton USA 1971
Line describing a Cone Anthony McCall USA 1973 16mm 30´
Frampton's first film in his series Hapax Legomena, Nostalgia, is, despite its structural character, an intimate, autobiographical, even somewhat humorous discourse about memory and its unrepresentability. In Nostalgia, Frampton burns a whole series of his biographical memories in the form of photos. For each of the static shots, which lengthily observe how the document of time gets destroyed over a hot stove burner, Frampton wrote a voice-over text that explains his relationship to the photo, its contents, and its place of value over all the years. Completely without sentiment, of course.

Line describing a Cone is an "iconograhpic" film, a radical manifestation of cinematic projection, a kind of film sculpture made of light and smoke. Over a period of 31 minutes, a point of light describes a circle. Due to the smoke of a fog machine, a cone is then created in the theater During the creation of this immaterial sculpture, the screen and the rows of seats are not necessarily to be used, the experience of each visitor is, through the moving form and the viewer's own movement, "individual."

  9:30 p.m.: Mathias Poledna presents
Arts Incohérents: dessins animés cinématographiques par Emile Cohl, 1908-1912

Fantasmagorie | Frankreich | 1908 | 16mm | s/w | ohne Ton | 2min
Le Ratelier | Frankreich | 1909 | 16mm | s/w | ohne Ton | 2min
Mobelier Fidèle | Frankreich | 1910 | 16mm | s/w | ohne Ton | 2min
Professor Bonehead is shipwrecked | Frankreich | 1912 | 16mm | s/w | ohne Ton | 2min

Bruce Conner: White Rose (1967)
Ernie Gehr: Serene Velocity (1970)

  Live :
Expanded Zigaretten Rauchen Cool Cinema Sound System

Poor Man's Expression
Line describing a Cone, Anthony McCall
USA 1973

Aufbau Photo Gallery
Finissage, Monday May 29, 2006, at 7:00 p.m.
Photo Gallery

Finissage / Mathias Poledna / Zigaretten Rauchen