AUSSTELLUNG Kino Arsenal, Atrium 
 4. - 29. Mai, 11-22h

 Stephanie Taylor   Sebestyén Kodolányi  
 Sebastian Lütgert   Henrik Olesen   Sean Snyder  
 Daria Martin   Mathias Poledna   Kirsten Pieroth  
 Martin Ebner   Florian Zeyfang  

Central to Poor Man's Expression is an object created through the collective contributions of the artists, an object that makes reference to both the architecture of the space - Arsenal, Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz - as well as to the status of the Kino Arsenal as a forum for experimental film. The exhibition is based on a symmetrical division. It consists of two colorfully lit spaces that are connected to each other, something between White Cube and Black Box. Works by one of the artists can be seen in each of the spaces, which have a relationship of similarity or symmetricality to each other.

Poor Man's Expression
Color Cube

Modell Ansichten

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